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India’s first JCI and NABH compliant healthcare QMS Software Solution

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MedQPro is India’s first JCI and NABH Compliant healthcare QMS Software Solution, designed and developed by leading JCI and NABH Accreditation consultants of the country. MedQPro Solutions helps hospitals and healthcare systems achieve operational excellence and efficiencies through the automation of quality workflows and processes to support accreditation and standards requirements as well as ultimately improving patient safety and care.

Our Motto is to completely digitize your accreditation process and empowering the Quality Champion in you.

Go Mobile

Don’t be stuck at your desk. Report, investigate and assess incidents from anywhere using a mobile device. Instantly approve and assign work even while away from your desk. You can also work offline, and sync whenever a connection is available.


Mock drill Management

It is designed to optimize processes involving Mock Drill Management, from planning to execution and including closure, streamlining activities for all employees and mock drill owners involved. The solution makes Mock Drill planning & execution extremely easy.

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Documentation Management

The management, delivery, control of polices and SOPs are critical to any hospital. This Module enables hospitals to effectively and efficiently automate management of documents throughout their entire life cycle – capture, create, classify, share and secure, archive and destroy.

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Safety and Risk Management

Safety and Risk Management Module covers all aspects of the risk management process, from initial risk identification, through risk assessment and evaluation to risk mitigation and monitoring, managing incidents, and ensuring appropriate follow-up and integrated reporting.

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