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Key Features

Monitor from anywhere!

You don’t have to be in the office to keep your finger on the pulse. Access your Quality Improvement Dashboard and make sure issues are reported, analysed and resolved quickly and efficiently; no matter where you are.

No internet? No problem!

Use offline forms to complete actions or inspections in the field even without internet.

One Mobile app for everything

Fully integrated functional programs and processes

Quickly review & update critical information

Assign corrective actions & inspections, regulatory citations, Safety Data Sheets (SDS), and much more

Utilize QR code scanner

and other easy access features to effortlessly manage workplace procedures

MedQPro Mobile talks to you!

Ask MedQPro® the MedQPro Virtual Assistant allows new and easy ways to complete tasks.

Conduct Any Audit Any Time

Conducting various audits in hospital is never easier than before. You Don’t have to carry paper and Accreditation standard guide book with you to conduct audits in your hospital. Through “MedQPro” App, you can conduct all types compliance audits such as Quality Assurance Audit, Hospital Safety Audit, Hand washing Audit, Infection control surveillance audit, Open Medical Record Audit, Prescription audit, IPSG Audit, Hazmat Audit and many more.


  • No Paper work to conduct audit
  • No chance of missing critical audit parameters by auditor due to our unique feature of “Tool Tips”
  • Covering More Sample of audit areas /items in less time
  • “Timer compliance check” feature for handwashing audit
  • Instant Audit report generation in all formats
  • Easy upload of onsite photos, audios, documents through mobile during the audit
  • Multiple Auditor Data entry in a single audit at a single time

Report By Anyone, Anywhere At Any Time

Onsite Timely Reporting by your Frontline Staff (Doctors/Nurses/ Technicians) without compromising Patient Care which is always a challenge and compliance issue in the hospitals. By Using “MedQPro” App, hospital staff including doctors and nurses can do various kind of reporting such as Medication error reporting, ADR reporting, BT Reaction Reporting, Incident Reporting and many more instantly from the site of incident.


  • Real Time Reporting on any smartphones with only 2 clicks.
  • No paper work of lengthy and exhaustive Reporting Formats
  • Upload onsite photos, videos, audios and documents as evidence
  • Report from any part of the hospital even without mobile network
  • Instant alert feature of mobile reporting, enables quick decision work Culture

Store, Search, Any Document, Any Time

Distribution and accessibility of hospital policies and SOPs to all staff of the hospital is always a tedious activity and jumble up lot of papers. Through “MedQpro” app hospital can achieve the objective of being truly paperless. Unloading, retrieval and reading of the hospital policies and SOPs becomes very simple and easy.


  • Upload, search and retrieve all documents in all formats at one place
  • “Voice search” feature for retrieval of even minute section of any documents
  • Easy access of clinical privilege documents form any smart phone
  • “Read and Sign” features work as “proof reading” of hospital polices
  • Easy retrieval of “MSDS sheet” at the time of chemical spillage emergency
  • Easy accessibility of departmental risk register for training and risk mitigation

Conduct, Conclude, Any Survey

Conducting effective Survey in the hospital is always a challenge and Tedious tasks for HR department and Management. Through “MedQpro’ app, Hospital can initiate all types of Realtime surveys such as employee Satisfaction survey, Culture of Safety survey, Second victim survey, IPSG survey and many more.


  • Conduct all type of surveys with 100% sample size
  • Run Survey in real time
  • Zero paper work for all Surveys of Hospital
  • Hassle free Participation in survey through smartphones without any working hinderance
  • Real time Tracking of survey results by surveyor

Get Trained, Evaluated, Apprised

Training of front-line staffs (Doctors, Nurses and technicians) is not that easy in a running hospital as patient care is the utmost priority. Training of hospital staffs on hospital policies, best standard practices and current clinical process challenges, is highly essential for all hospitals. Through “MedQPro app”, Scheduling of training, conducting virtual training, Pre and Post training evaluation becomes very simple and easy.


  • Get Instant alert of upcoming trainings on mobile
  • Unlimited watching option of training videos at any time
  • Assessment of training effectiveness through Tracking of “engagement time” for each video.
  • Get evaluated on pre and post training Questionnaire through mobile
  • Access training score card instantly

Access Everything At-A-Glance

Keeping all staffs Informed about the Key Performance Indicators, Individual pending assignments, Critical Actionable items at one platform is not possible at all for any hospital. “My Dash Board” feature of “MedQPro” App makes it very much realistic, simple and easy. Hospital Staffs can view all required information in their mobile within just one click only.


  • At-a-glance view of all assignments, reminders, summary reports
  • Different views based on the user’s User group, location, department
  • Access all charts and trend graphs of Quality indicators on Mobile
  • Easily trigger quality process from Mobile
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